Introduction to Neuroscience!

We had our first scientist at Sisters for Science at Ariel this week!! Ms. Tahra Eissa┬áis getting her PhD in neuroscience at The University of Chicago, and she came in to introduce the girls to some super interesting topics about the brain. A lot of the girls already knew that the brain controls everything we do, but they didn’t know that it can sometimes trick us! Tahra and all of the girls went through some optical illusion to see how the eye can make us see something when it’s not even there.

What is our brain responsible for?!

What is our brain responsible for?!

Gabby mentioned that she sometimes looked at optical illusions on her own and she knew all about them! Then, the girls were able to test whether they had synethsesia which is a certain way of thinking that makes you associate colors with numbers. Next week, the girls will test for it again to see if anyone has it. Like Bailey said, it would be super cool to find out if anyone had it. I guess we’ll see next session!

Oct 28 - 3


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