Extracting DNA from Bananas!

Today was a great day for our sisters!  We had another visit from our guest scientist Dr. Ana Shulla. Today our experiment was extracting DNA from a banana. This experiment was a wonderful opportunity for the girls to learn how to explain an experiment on their own. They were very open in listening to Dr. Shulla of what DNA actually is and what it looks like. We discussed the materials and procedure first to understand the steps that were required. Before you knew it, we were ready to get things started.

Oct 28 - 1

Our rockstar, Do'nya working with our scientist Dr. Shulla!

Our rockstar, Do’nya working with our scientist Dr. Shulla!

Our shining star today was Donya. SHE WAS AMAZING in helping Dr. Shulla and I all day during our session. “I want to help.” were the first words Donya said when she saw us entering the school. She was very attentive when going over the procedure and asked as many questions as she could. She was one of the main students expressing how they felt on what we would observe in our results, and she was absolutely right! She had confidence in discussing science and was aware that science takes time and ended up having one of the best results of extracted DNA in the whole class. I told her I truly appreciated her today and that she showed her leadership skills in a subject she at first, was not very fond of. This is what Sisters 4 Science is really about!


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