Make Your Own Elephant Toothpaste!

Rain rain go away. Come again another day. The girls definitely were not liking the gloomy weather but we all were determined to have fun anyway. There were a couple of girls who missed last weeks session so before our activity I asked if they could explain the activity. Tahnya was the first to raise her hand and explained to India and Ashanti the type of experiment that was done. Donya added what the materials were and also explained why they got the particular results we did after completing the experiment. I was impressed they were willing to share and help the girls see what they have learned. The more I see how these girls have potential on being confident when it comes to science I want them to really know how to come together and work as a team. We are all sisters and we all should be there for each other. With that being said I had them become “The Human Knot”. They did a great job in really analyzing the situation and getting their way out if being “tangled” and listening to one another. This was very beneficial for the main event today.

Can they figure out the "Human Knot"?

Can they figure out the “Human Knot”?

They almost got it! :)

They almost got it! 🙂

I briefly explained a couple of chemical terms to them so they can understand that today we are breaking down hydrogen peroxide and creating water and more oxygen by making….ELEPHANT TOOTHPASTE!! I demonstrated the procedure so they can have the chance to do it themselves. They were amazed to see the foam or should I say “toothpaste” come out of our bottle. They even came up with the idea of them breaking up into teams, taking turns with performing the procedure, and being able to feel like real scientists and making chemical reactions on their own. Ashanti even said that she wants to make this experiment for her science project. We wrote down our scientific method and each of us expressed what we learned using our chemical terms. The main word today was catalyst!! We were true chemists today!!

Can we actually brush out teeth with 'Elephant Toothpaste'?

Can we actually brush out teeth with ‘Elephant Toothpaste’?

Catalyst and chemistry in action!

Catalyst and chemistry in action!


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