Photosynthesis At Its Finest!

This week, at Funston’s S4S program, we had our lesson based on photosynthesis!  The students were extra enthusiastic today because they had received their progress reports from school!  They were excited to share their achievements and success with me!  Some were not too excited about some of their grades, but I reminded them that they have the rest quarter to improve and they could definitely bring up some grades they are not happy with! Many of them were getting an ‘A’ in science, which was extremely exciting for me and encouraging about the great group of girls we have gathered for Sisters4Science. Many were definitely taking charge of their class work. It felt good being involved in their academic life a little more than usual.

Who can find the words related to photosynthesis the fastest?!

Who can find the words related to photosynthesis the fastest?!

For the remainder of the class, we talked about photosynthesis and what it was useful for. The girls were really shocked at the fact that plants were the ones that produced that oxygen that we needed to survive on.  Many did not realize how important plants are to life’s survival on Earth, both ours and so many other organisms!  We talked about what ingredients are included in the ‘recipe’ of photosynthesis, which lead to great conversations about glucose and why we breath out carbon dioxide.  They were so excited to be learning so many new things!  As our activity, I gave the girls a little word search on photosynthesis.  They absolutely LOVED the word search, and even started competing with each other to see who finished first! So much fun!  It was great to see. Next week, we have our first scientist and it’s a surprise. Definitely cannot wait to see what’s in store!


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