A Minty Fresh Survey Day!

Sisters4Science at Funston has been nothing but a blast so far! It is barely the second time meeting with the girls but their fun energy never seems to end. For this session, we has four new girls join our group. At first, they were a little skeptic about what was going to be happening in our program. Yet, now I feel like they are totally looking forward to the next session! Today, things were still in the getting-to-know-one-another phase. We did a few ice breakers to start off class. I seemed to notice that they really do enjoy doing the Human Knot! After the ice breakers, we went straight into business. Our pre-surveys were conducted today. This survey consists of several of questions to see where the girls are at. By the end of the program, we hand them the survey again. With that information, we can see how much the girls have changed throughout the program. It took most of our class time, but without fail, we had time to do a mini lesson about The Scientific Method. I explained to them in the easiest of terms what this method consists of. To emphasize it a little more, we did a little experiment. We had four different gums and tested to see which one had the longest lasting flavor. The girls absolutely loved this! By the end, Orbit gum was the winner! Now, it’s time to see what the next session has in store. Super excited for it!

Our specimens for today's scientific method activity!

Our specimens for today’s scientific method activity!

Sept 26 - 1

Reflecting and thinking about science!


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