Sisters4Science is underway at Funston!

Sisters4Science (S4S) at Funston Elementary School has officially begun! My name is Eugenia and I am the STEM facilitator for this branch of the program. This Friday, September 19th, was our first session. The girls ranged from fifth grade to eighth grade. For the first day, we decided to start it off slow and simple. To get to know one another, we had two icebreakers. The first one was the Name Game, where the girls introduced themselves and told us a fun fact about themselves. The second icebreaker we decided to do was The Human Knot, where the girls all grab someone else’s hands and were knotted together and had to untie themselves without letting go of each other’s hands.

Can the Funston girls figure out the mystery of the Human Knot?! :)

Can the Funston girls figure out the mystery of the Human Knot?! 🙂

For the rest of our time together, the girls just wanted to get all the paper work out of the way. They helped me pass out their S4S folders and the forms they needed to bring back. For the first journal prompt of the program, I gave them a pretty simple topic: “What things did they expect to learn in the program and what did they want to learn about with science in the program??” The girls wrote for a while and tried to get as many good ideas as they could! When sharing, a lot of the girls were looking forward to the many experiments that will be done during the program. You can honestly see the excitement in their faces. At the end of the day, the girls sure did look excited to be a part of S4S. Just knowing that they’re excited makes me look forward to the program even more.

Welcome all the Funston girls to Sisters4Science!! We are so excited to have you!

Welcome all the Funston girls to Sisters4Science!! We are so excited to have you!

Woodson Sisters4Science Has Begun!

Today was our first session today and let’s just say they didn’t expect what I had for them!  We opened up with introducing ourselves to feel more comfortable with the unfamiliar faces in the room. We had our two truths and a lie ice breaker and two brain games to get them more energized and get their brain working from a long day at school. After the games I asked the girls how they felt about science before they heard about our Sisters4Science program. The majority of the girls did not like science because they thought it was boring. I am not surprised :). The main issue was less activity when it came to science and how the information is delivered to them; in a book and through lecture. What they looked for in the program was more hands on things, specifically dissections, and a chance to do science projects. WELL GIRLS YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! We touched on different areas that the girls were interested in learning and the overall consensus seemed to be that they truly enjoyed life sciences (biology, etc) above the other sciences.

Woodson students creating their own planet!

Woodson students creating their own planet!

Our team building activity for the day was “Building Your Own Planet”. I separated the girls intwo groups and showed them a list. The list consisted of 30 people with different descriptions and occupations. The girls in their own groups had to work together and pick 10 people from the list they could see on their planet. They needed to work together to build their own Utopian planet for their 10 people. When both groups were done, I had each group stand up and present to the class who they picked and why; ensuring that all team members had a chance to speak. It was interesting to see the differences of choices between the two groups and the girls said they had a lot of fun. We wrapped up everything with our journal entry on what we learned today from our “Build your Own Planet” activity and expressed it to everyone else, if they felt comfortable. Overall, we had a really great first day and I am excited for more!

We're excited to start the year with these amazing students!

We’re excited to start the year with these amazing students!