Five, six, seven, DANCE!

Project Exploration’s S4S Spring program not only consisted of having girls sitting in a classroom listening to awesome guest speakers; instead, they had us learn a different way to remain healthy and active. On our third day the Sister’s 4 Science,  Hope, and I learned a fun, yet challenging, dance routine.

Laura, from Mixed Motion Art, was our guest speaker for the day. She began class by defining the word assertion to the girls. Laura then told the girls that most us tend to think negatively throughout our life. She said, “We tend to tell ourselves that we can’t do something or that we will try to do it, and in reality that’s what stops us from going forward.” She told them that they should never say “I can’t”or “I will try” but instead to say “I can” and “I will do it.” Laura then had the girls write something to read every night as a reminder of their true power, here are some lines:

“I am strong,

I am rich,

I am beautiful,

I am smart,

I can do it.”
4.16.14 5

She then told the girls that it was time to shake all negativity off ! They started of by stretching before dancing. At first, everyone was a little hesitant about participating, but at the end everyone joined!
4.16.14 4

I was amazed at how much the girls let go when they began dancing.
4.16.14 3
All the girls seemed to be having fun and well… why not have fun with your students? So I decided to join Hope and the girls. I was a little embarrassed because everyone made it seem so easy when in reality it wasn’t! At the end Hope and Maya helped me catch up, and that’s when I was able to finally join the fun!

The girls not only learned a new way to have fun and to exercise, but they also learned that everyone can do anything they set their minds to.

Throughout elementary school, girls are taught that popularity should be prioritized. In fact, they are told that being smart shouldn’t even be an option. With that being said, being pretty is the the most important factor in being popular. Phrases such as, “You’re such a nerd” or “Why are you so smart?” are not necessarily said with the most positive attitudes. Instead, these phrases are saved into the young girl’s memory, reminding them that they cannot demonstrate their intelligence. Being at the top of the popular chart seems to be more important than being #1 in class. However, the S4S girls were able to recognize something that changed their view: We can be pretty and smart because neither needs the attention of the other.

We made a chart, on the left side we had a studious girl on the right side we had a popularity queen. The girls came up with phrases used by society or boys that described both of these characters. For the girl on the left we had; Ugly, nerd, boring, not interesting, talented, and shy. For the girl on the right we had; Pretty, interesting, cute, someone to have fun with, date, and dumb. We switched the pictures and it turned out that any of the definitions used for the two girls were able to be used with whichever girl. This told the girls that sometimes we judge too fast and we don’t realize that someone can be so many things at a time.

Thank you Laura for giving us a  positive outlook in life, and for reminding us that we can do whatever we say we WILL do.
4.16.14 2


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