Psychology Fun!

March 1, 2014

In today’s class we learned about the world of psychology through a various interactive demonstrations. We started with a reading exercise. The girls were asked first to read words as they were written and then to read the color of each word and time each attempt. It was interesting to note that reading the color of the words was really difficult because the actual word was the name of another color.



We then did an experiment modelling Pavlov’s experiment. In this experiment, Pavlov rang a bell before feeding his dog. He noted the saliva levels of the dog before he rang the bell and while the dog was eating. He repeated this experiment several times and to record a baseline for both salivary levels. Later, he rang a bell and did not feed the dog and noticed that its salivary levels were the same as if it were eating. This is called conditioning. In this experiment, we measured the girls’ resting and excited heart rates. To get an excited heart rate, the girls jumped up and down around the room. The Pavlovian part of the experiment was introduced as loud clapping before to signal it was time to jump. We repeated this several times and then ended by having the girls  listen to the clapping but not jump around. We saw that some of the girls heart rates increased even though they had not actually done any physical activity!




We ended the day by finding our blind spots. Blind spots are areas in our field of vision that we cannot see. This is also connected to our depth perception.  We took sheets of paper and held them close to our eyes until a dot on the paper disappeared. We then had the girls close one eye and try to make the end of two pens touch. It was really difficult because their depth perception was significantly decreased!








Everyone had a great time learning about psychology!!


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