Let’s Move!

What do you get when you mix a yoga, cool music, and girls who love to dance? A great time! This past week at YWLCS we had the lovely Vienna from Mindful Practices come to teach the girls Hip-Hop Yoga. We started with a fun introduction exercise to get the girls to introduce themselves. One by one, we went in a circle saying our names and simultaneously striking a pose to express our personalities.  We then moved on the a warmup exercise.
photo 1  photo 3

But what is all this movement doing?  Well, yoga has been used for centuries as a relaxation exercise that improves strength, balance and posture. And by infusing it with hip hop we were able to add a cardio portion to really get the girls heart rates up and increase circulation! The dance was taught in sections so that the girls could get everything down and put it all together in the end. The full length dance integrated several poses like the child’s pose, mountain and the king dancer pose and seamlessly transitioned to cool  hip hop dances and that used up most of the space in the hallway! In the end, we put the whole dance to the Katy Perry’s Dark Horse!


photo 4 photo 2

After the dance portion, Vienna taught the girls the value of self control. She had each girl take a cotton ball and move it from one end of their hand to the other using only their breath. They even put their hand together and tried to move the cotton balls from one hand to another using the same technique. After several failed attempts to get the cotton ball to stay on their hands the girls finally succeeded-definitely an exercise in patience if nothing else!

The girls truly had a blast moving around this session! It was a nice change of pace from some of our other lessons and a completely different and refreshing approach to understanding our the science of our bodies!





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