Nourishing Our Body

February 24, 14

"All For Badges" introduced by Ms. Meisel

“All For Badges” introduced by Ms. Meisel

We had another load of snow in the middle of February.  With all snow storms left behind, we got to taste a little of Spring.  Banana. Pecan. Date. Cinnamon. Vanilla Syrup.  It was such a nourishing day with Ms. Iris Berry who is a Health and Lift-style Coach and a founder of BerryWell Living.  Before we got into the nutritious lesson with Ms. Berry, Ms. Krystal Meisel joined our class to help with team-building, plus to launch “All For Badges” for the girls.  Ms. Meisel introduced the electronic badges to the class—what these are, how these work, and why we need these badges.  Ms. Meisel and I helped the girls to set up the account so they can collect the badges.

Pecan. Date. Banana. Cinnamon. Vanilla Syrup.

Pecan. Date. Banana. Cinnamon. Vanilla Syrup.

Here’s our nutritious lesson.  On the table, the ingredients for Nice Cream were ready to be blended.  Yes, you read it correctly.  Nice Cream.  No bad ingredients and nutrients were there, but everything nourishing our body.  The girls were very curious about something like cocoa beans.  Dates.  It was their first time to taste, even see the dates.  “Would you like to try them?”  I asked.  “It’s very sweet.  Not like sugar, but very healthily sweet,” added Ms. Berry.  Ms. Berry had it into tiny pieces so that the girls could taste it.  “Dates help our body circulate the blood well,” explained Ms. Berry.  The girls enjoyed tasting a little piece of dates.

Sweet Moment Tasting Crunch Nice Cream

Sweet Moment Tasting Crunch Nice Cream

Ms. Berry put each ingredient into a blender with ice cubes.  “Banana helps us digest well. Pecan has Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin D.”  She explained as she put each ingredient into the blender.  “What about Vitamin C?” One girl asked.  “Yes, it has a little of Vitamin C.”  Once she had everything in the blender, she added cinnamon powder and a bit of vanilla syrup.  With the ice cubes, the blender had a quite heavy sound.  Once the sound got softer, we finally had Nice Cream!  Very Crunch Nice Cream.  The girls absolutely loved Nice Cream!  The girls were hesitant first tasting dates, but they loved dates in Nice Cream!  The girls were so thrilled knowing this recipe.  They so wanted to try this at home right after our class.  With Ms. Berry’s help, the girls created other nutritious recipes that are nourishing our body, our mind, and our soul.


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