Woodson Epidemiologists!

The Woodson Sisters4Science family was pleased to welcome fellow STEM Facilitator, Marilee Goad into their classroom Friday, February 7th. The girls were so excited to finally have a scientist visit, and Marilee had an exciting lesson planned. Before getting started with the lesson, the girls shared their “highs” and “lows” of the week. Desiree Marte (8th grade) was not present but made sure to have her sister, Brianna ask STEM Facilitator, Tolu, about the moon and why it is important. Brianna also announced that for her Black History Month project she was going to do her book report on Mae C. Jemison, the subject of our lesson on role models last semester!

Marileee presented a scenario in which several people at a picnic suffered symptoms including nausea and paralysis.


Marilee reads the scenario to the girls

Each student was given a task. Brianna was in charge of a KWL (Know, Want to know, and Learned) chart. While Ashanta wrote down the menu and Ciera and Stephanee made additional notes.


Busy at the board


Brianna is in charge of the KWL chart

Using their critical thinking skills, the girls listed the symptoms suffered by each patient, their prognosis, what they ate, and searched for trends and clues in the given information. It was amazing to see their minds at work! In the end, the girls had to decide between Botulism and E.Coli . 


Learning about botulism!


Stephanee reads about E. Coli


“Nausea? Vomiting? She could be pregnant!” Ciera makes a great differential diagnosis.

After a group discussion, the girls diagnosed Butch Botch aka C. Botulism as the cause when they synthesized all the information, and they were right! The scenario was definitely difficult and required lots of critical thinking. This kind of process is often used in medical schools when medical students do problem-based learning or “PBL” in order to diagnose different health problems. The Woodson students in Sisters4Science really thought scientifically that day and were surprised by what they learned. In addition, they loved having a scientist in their classroom. As they left Ashanta said to Marilee, “You are nice! Come back again!”


Ashanta’s journal entry


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