Woodson Girls “Make Light” and Gear Up for the Reflection of Knowledge

By Tolu

All the girls are back December 6, 2013 for an exciting lesson on fluorescence! We started the day with a brief lecture and discussion on what the girls thought light was. Some thought it was heat, others said it comes from the sun and is a wave.Woodson1

            After learning about light’s ability to excite electrons, the girls performed an experiment that would generate light emission. Since safety comes first, the girls (left to right: Ashanta, Ciera, Stephanee, Brianna, and Desiree) put on their goggles (and of course) posed for the camera!


Tolu broke the girls up into teams and had After mixing chemical compounds together for a brief reaction.


They turned off the lights and saw something spectacular: blue light!














For the second half of the day, the girls prepared for the Sisters4Science Reflection of Knowledge the following week on December 13. Tolu lead the girls in their own individual reflection on what they had learned in the past 5 weeks.  The girl listed Mae C. Jemison, planets, atoms, bridges, and the differences between states, continents and countries.


After writing their thoughts on the board, the girls decided to write a poem about their experiences this quarter. (ON THEIR OWN with no help from Tolu).

 They wrote:

This is what we what we learned in Sisters4Science.

Learned about planets and how not be liars.

We all have a code called, “Trust and Believe.”

We talked about atoms.

Not Adam and Eve.

We learned how to make light out of lots of little things.

Dissected owl pellets and dissected a lot of things.

We have a nice teacher named, Ms. Tolu who helped with all these things.

And most of all, we learned that Science can be a girl thing!




























Happy Holidays from Sisters4Science. We will be back next year!



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