Sisterhood in Science

By Bori

It was a Thanksgiving week and it was a perfect day to reflect on what we have done together in this amazing journey!  As the girls started to come in, I had three questions written down on the board for the girls to start journaling.

*What do you think Science is?

*What have you learned in Sisters4Science?

*What is or are your most favorite experiment(s) and why?



The girls were very eager to share what they have learned and their favorite experiments, but I let them “think aloud” before we shared together.  For 15 minutes, we had a time to reflect on our own then we got together and started sharing. “Who wants to go first?” I asked.  Micah and Faith always want to go first and I always have a hard time to pick one of them.  This time, Micah got her voice up first, “I think Science is asking questions and experiments with accepted ideas.”  “I love your response.  Thank you.” I replied.  Micah is always enthusiastic about asking questions.  She always has questions prepared.  “Who wants to go next?  Faith?”  “Science is the study of anything around us.” said Faith.  “Yes, that is!  What do you think, Ashley?’  “I think Science is the study of genetics and DNA.”  responded Ashley.  “So you like Biology!  So do I!”

We could have shared our own thoughts of Science, but since time was limited, we moved onto the next question.

Ms. Bori: “Let’s share what we have learned in this class!  Amorianna?”

Amorianna: “I learned about moon craters.”

Ms. Bori: “Was it your favorite one? Why?”

Amorianna: “Because we use sprinkles, coco, and rocks.  I love coco!”


One last question: What is or are your most favorite experiment(s) and why?


Most girls picked “Moon Craters” for their favorite!  The reason was simple: they love coco.  Micah’s favorite was “Marshmallow Challenges.”  She said, “I loved building structures because that makes me think.  I’d like to demonstrate this at the Reflection of Knowledge.”  Yes, Micah is a thinker!

As we wrapped up our sharing, I showed them the ways we could present our thoughts and ideas.  “Be creative girls! How would you like to present yours?”  “I want to do posters!” responded Faith.  “Can we actually demonstrate this there?’ asked Micah.  “I will try to have you demonstrate your favorite experiment then.”  “Let me show you an example I have created.  Here’s a Prezi presentation.”


Towards the end, I wanted to ask the girls what else the girls have taken from Sisters4Science.


Ms. Bori: “Is there something you have learned in this class?  Something not-science?”

Micah:  “I have met my sisters here.  I have got to know middle schoolers.”

Faith: “I have met my new sisters here that I had never imagined before.  I am so thankful for these sisters and the friendship we have.”


I loved hearing the word “sisters.”  I am So thankful for this unique program that offers sisterhood through science.  The girls have so much enjoyed having new sisters, and have learned working together through science.  We can’t make science alone, but like us, we need each other to experience real science 🙂


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