Posters with a Holiday Twist

By Bori

It was our last day in this fall-winter semester.  Over the last ten sessions, we have gone through so much together!  I am very proud of my girls!  It’s been such a blessing to witness them grow in science!  Since it was snowing and freezing outside, only a few girls came in for our last class.  We still had so much fun reviewing what we have done in this semester.  We started the class by picking up our most favorite experiments.  Here are our most favorites:

*Moon Craters20131209_164736

*”Critical Mass” by Sara Paretsky

*Pipe Instruments

*A mug of Chocolate Cake

Faith got up and started working on the poster for Reflection of Knowledge Party this Friday.  I had simple materials for them to use.  Amorianna was assisting Faith to create a Christmas-like poster.  Faith is very creative, especially when it comes to Art.  She is very artistic!  With a pencil, she started to carefully create the calligraphy of  “Sisters4Science.”  Amorianna and I were helping overwrite on her calligraphy with markers.  Faith used Christmas ribbon tapes to make a grid on the poster and had red and green card-papers for each title box.  I loved the way how they used the colors and the shapes in our poster.  They were so excited to present this at the Reflection of Knowledge!


As we reviewed our sessions together, I noticed something I have never learned before.  It’s true we all love hands-on learning, but for our girls they have more focused on the materials used in each experiment.  They love chocolates.  They love music.  These materials ignites their curiosity.  I remember the girls always touched them and asked what we were doing when I had all materials set up at the front table.  Plus, they love having new science mentors each week, especially Ms. Sara Paretsky, the New York Times Bestseller author.


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