Handwriting Analysis and Chromatography

By Brienne

This week in S4S Calumet, we learned about handwriting analysis and chromatography from a real life forensic scientist!! Angela Cloud-Simmons is a substance forensic scientist with the Illinois State Police, and she taught the girls how to decode a ransom note.


The missing person was Rocky the stuffed dog, and no one could find him anywhere, until the S4S girls received a ransom note. The note said that in order for them to have Rocky back, they would have to pay $1000. Calumet4The girls, unwilling to give up that type of money, decide to seek the help of Angela Cloud-Simmons to figure out who had Rocky. After seperating the marker colors with the chromatography experiment, they were able to determine that it was Table 3 of S4S girls!! Once caught, they released Rocky, and no one was punished!Calumet2

Angela also spoke to the girls about her job specifically, even about the hand the coroner cut off and sent to her for fingerprints. They loved that! A great session, very informative, but most importantly, FUN!!Calumet5


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