Slime Time

By Brienne

Welcome to the world of the S4S Perspectives Calumet Girls!

At Perspectives Calumet, we are busy divulging in the world of Physics and learning how things are made. The S4S girls also did the project utilizing only marshmallows, dry spaghetti and a piece of ribbon. It was an ooey gooey good time, even though everyone wasn’t successful in getting theirs to stand. Of those who did, the highest height was 14” and it didn’t move an inch when we all took turns blowing on it! In addition to diving into the physics of the activity, we also took a deep look into the science and makeup of a marshmallow, and why it was able to act as a glue or mortar for their spaghetti structures! The girls journaled and I then shared some research about it, and they were amazed by the science of it all! I took forever to get all the marshmallow off of the table, but the girls walked away with a great new experience and more knowledge!


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