Sisters4Science May 1, 2013 Session Recap


Yesterday, the girls learned about environmental and civil engineering. We welcomed Christel, who taught us how to observe everything important in an area of interest, and to collect data in detail. Then, the girls were able to inspect soil and water samples, write down observations (like color, texture, temperature, etc), and analyze how their observations might affect the intended project. For example, if they “observed” children playing basketball in the area, then working on construction where there is loose soil might be dangerous because it could create a ditch that the children might fall into. After the sample analysis, the girls thought of their own experiment and had some fun by discovering the difference between adding water to a cup of soil, and adding soil to a cup of water (the soil floats!). Finally, the girls wrote and talked about when collecting data or information and making careful observations is important in their own lives (maybe they have a diary to keep their “data” in). It was a great session, and I’m looking forward to next week!


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