Project Exploration Sisters4Science at Ariel Community Academy

FY13 - S4S Retreat

Sisters4Science is a year-round after-school and field program for middle school and high school minority girls that combines science exploration with leadership development. The goals of Sisters4Science are to:
• Create a safe space for girls to explore science and develop leadership skills
• Introduce girls to the wide variety of roles played by women in science
• Improve girls’ overall attitudes about science by developing team-building, communication, and leadership skills
Sisters4Science sessions are held weekly for approximately 90 minutes at each site with 12 – 15 girls at each session. Girls, and their interests, are at the center of the Sisters4Science program. Girls co-create the curriculum with facilitators based on their interests and, in the past, have chosen to investigate a variety of topics that include forensic science, chemistry, earth science, and girls’ health. Sessions are often led by Women in Science – professional women scientists from around the Chicago area that represent various science fields including scientific illustration, chemistry, biology, medicine, geology, and engineering. Girls read and write together at each session and experience-based curricula and activities are designed to refine skills in content areas such as language arts, science, math, research, critical thinking, organization, and leadership.

This year at Ariel Community Academy we are focusing on Engineering in partnership with the US Army Corp of Engineers.